DANGER! – Scaffolding Erected Within Accra Mall’s Shoprite As Renovations Go On But Shop Remains Open – Experts Call It A ‘Death Trap’

The Shoprite within the Accra Mall remains open despite scaffolding erected within it, which experts warn make it a death trap.

The popular shop is undergoing renovations, but it remains open despite warnings that the erected equipment could lead to an accident anytime.

“These scaffolds can come off and hit anyone. Normally, when you erect a scaffold, you barricade so no one gets access to that environment because someone will be working out there and a metal can fall from up down,” Fred Mensah, director of the Department of Factories Inspectorate at the Ministry of Employment and Labour told TV3 Midday news earlier today (Monday).

“It’s really a hazard.” he added.

The Inspectorate, upon being informed of the situation, contacted Shoprite and told them to barricade off the portions with scaffolding, but the company had not complied by Monday morning when they visited the place.

“We told them we will be back tomorrow and by tomorrow, we hope that that place will be barricaded,” Mensah added.

A safety expert has called for the immediate closure of the shop as it posed a hazard to the public.

“Wherever you put scaffolding, you must barricade it, cordon it off and declare it as a work zone. If you go into a place where scaffolding is erected, you must wear helmet. It is a danger to the general public which shouldn’t be so,” safety advocate Nana Annoh-Emihere said, arguing further that the shop should have been closed immediately instead of being given a day to barricade the affected portions.

“…anywhere else, the shop would have been closed immediately and then they will be ordered either to cordon off the scaffolding or to remove them before they open the shop to the public”.

Management of shoprite said they have complied with safety standards and the public can be assured of their safety if they decided to shop in their facility.

That’s so reassuring.


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