Photo: Artist Recreates Iconic ‘Creation’ Portrait With God As A Black Woman

A female US artist has sparked immense debate online after she recreated the iconic Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ painting which shows the moment God created Adam.

Harmonia Rosales, from Chicago, re-imagined the painting, and drew the creator of the Universe as a female, with Eve also being the first one created. Both characters were black.

The bible claims ‘God created mankind in his own image’, and science tells us the human species originated from Africa, so maybe she’s unto something with the Black God. But making the creator both black and a woman has drawn Rosario a lot of heat online.

Rosario told BET the motivation behind her painting, and she said man has really created God in their image instead of the other way round. However, God is whatever anyone imagines him to be.

“We have been taught that God created ‘man’ in his own image. [But] in fact, we have created God in our own image. So ‘God’ is whoever we want God to be, a representation of the ideal, of the divine, of wisdom and love and pure creativity. Let’s face it, creativity, starting with the womb, is a female attribute.” she said.

As to why she made God black, she added that: “A woman is a woman: Black, white or any color,”

Is she onto something, or God is the straight white male paintings has always shown him to be?

Check out Rosales’ painting below.


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