READ: Fan Posts Emotional Tribute Which Leaves Shatta Wale In Tears

A fan of Shatta Wale has left him in tears after he posted a lengthy, emotional tribute to the controversial star.

Wale’s win at the Ghana Meets Naija concert has brought a lot of optimism back to the SM4Lyf Movement, epitomised by the message written to Shatta Wale by his fan.

Timinka Ugandan Rock Richard, a police officer, wrote the message on Facebook addressed to Wale.

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The ‘dancehall king’ read the message and was quite pleased, writing that such messages bring him to tears.

Read it below….

I, holder of this Facebook account a true shatta consultant hereby write to congratulate you shatta wale for that impressive performance at the just ended Ghana meets Naija which was organized by Empire.

Hopes of many entertainment loving Ghanaians were lost until the champion appeared for which his intro was the best ever. Captan said “daddy wake up” and It was indeed true that if Shatta Wale had died before this particular show, Ghana would have been in a mess and the Naija musicians would have trampled over us.

Thank God shatta Wale wasn’t dead but was just an act to represent his presence in the Ghana music industry. I have all these years love Bandana now Shatta Wale and I have to say the guy is blessed and a blessing unto this nation. I have done so many things to promote Wale in my own small way. I share his YouTube videos, watch and share his live Facebook videos . I can say on authority that, I buy not less than ghc10 bundle each day just to follow the Dancehall Champion.

Recently, I ordered for the construction of a pole of about 22 feet which has been hoist with the flag of the Shatta Movement Empire infront of my house at my own cost and each morning I make sure I play his song “REALITY” as the flag is being hoisted.

I have on Lom Fm defended Shatta Wale to the best of my ability and guys even call me names I shouldn’t bear as a Security Officer. One day a friend asked me what at all do I see about Shatta Wale that is making me support him in that manner? And I told him, there is different between a talent learnt and a natural talent given to man by God and that is what Shatta Wale got so therefore, such a man should be supported by every well meaning citizen to go far so as to bring glory to his or her country. I added that, he has broken one rule and the voice of tradition of men.

He further tried to overpower his (PHD) which is the pull him down syndrome but as usual, I know everybody around me and those on all social media platforms, the same way i know those who are true statesmen. True Statemen or any well meaning Ghanaian will support any good thing in Ghana and those who are so bitter always fight against anyone through whom a glory may fall on Ghana. If it is not them then it should be nobody. They are those who hate Shatta Wale and always want to pull him down.

I here many say Shatta Wale is a local Champion and i go like wow! Do they really understand what they mean? Whoever that does not brighten the corner where he or she is before going out is fake. No wonder our fore fathers have an adage that goes like, if the horse goes mad, it begins from home and so if they agree that, he Shatta is the local Champion, then the Shatta Movement is blessed and must therefore be pushed to internationalize it’s Champion.

Even in football, a team must justify itself in its locality before qualifying to play the World Cup. This means that, it will be out of only bribery and corruption that can push a team to qualify straight to the World Cup without justifying itself in its locality.

There is TIME and Destiny, and so I challenge any Ghanaian to jott down this article that Shatta Wale will soon conquer the world with his music talent at all cost. God is Alive.

I love Shatta Movement.

Greetings to Shatta Michy …

NOTE: My English teacher died very early so manage the English for me .

Signed: Timinka Ugandan Rock Richard

Cc Ras Finito

Phushket Shatta Bobby

Esinam Dey

Stephen Kenneth Nakujah

Innocent Don Oyibo

Bedi Seth

Oheneba Miyagi forgive me guys for going public


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