‘Murderers’ Who Lynched Soldier Must Pay – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has called for those involved in the lynching and killing of a police officer to be arrested and made to pay for their crime.

Commenting on the hot button issue of the moment, Forson said justice must be served up for Capt Mahama, who due to the mob injustice, has left behind a family of a wife and two children.

Forson, who knew the victim, said she was in tears as she wrote her piece. She strongly condemned mob justice, calling those involved murderers who must be brought to book.

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Capt Maxwell Mahama was killed by a mob in Denkyira-Obuasi where he was based, after being suspected of being an armed robber whilst jogging.

The Army has deployed close to three dozen troops to the area to ascertain what exactly happened that led to the death of their man.

Read Forson’s reaction to the unfortunate incident below…

Please read!!! An innocent life was taken away by some residents in the Central Region because they mistook him for an armed robber. They killed this innocent man who was stationed there to serve and protect them because some saw him with a gun and immediately thought he was a thief. They lynched and burnt him alive; I’m even tearing up writing that.

How do people think sometimes? And they were led by their assembly man who didn’t ask for verification nor did he think to send him to the police station if he really thought he was a thief. Just a few days ago he was laughing with his old school mates and having a good time, I was giving them grief for not being invited to the gathering and we all had laughs about it. Now more than ever I wish I’d been there, seeing that it was my last opportunity to see him.

Mob justice must stop! The police and courts are there for this very reason, that an innocent man doesn’t doesn’t suffer the fate of a guilty one. Even if you believe a person to be a thief, what does that make you the murderer? Are we to treat you the same way seeing that your crime is worse?? These people must pay!! He left behind a wife and two young children. #Justice4Adams #MobJusticeMustStop


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