Murder Of Capt Mahama Had ‘Spiritual’ Source, Only Fear Of God Can Save Us From Similar Fates – Says Kofi B – Illustrating Exactly The Problem With Ghanaians!

Maxwell Mahama

Hiplife artiste Kofi B claims that the recent lynching of an army officer in Denkyira-Obuasi is not merely a physical event but it has a spiritual source as well.

The sad story of the slain officer has led to questions over what exactly is wrong with our nation, and here comes Kofi B to demonstrate exactly that.

Looking for spiritual sources for our problems has long been a Ghanaian pastime, and what it does is it stops us from looking for the ‘real’ problem and applying a real solution to it. There’s nothing that happens in this country without a spiritual motive being ascribed to it!

Speaking on Adom Fm, Kofi B said Mahama’s death was arranged spiritually, and the mob was simply used as a physical manifestation of his already executed death.

“The soldier was murdered by the mob. Some people might think it is a normal physical happening. But one might be surprised to know it has a spiritual backing. Some people might want you dead but might use such means to operate to level the implications…” he said.

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According to Kofi B, only fear of God can save the rest of us from suffering similar fates, also calling for us to pray against it.

“With this, I think we should be afraid of God on the daily since it can happen to anyone at any time. We are all subjected to such things. We should fear God and pray such never happens anymore.” he said.

After 60 years of prayer and independence, Ghanaians – don’t you think it’s time to try something else? Ascribing natural events to supernatural causes does nothing but stifle the real conversations needed to solve the problem. After all, if Mahama was killed due to a spiritual issue, then I don’t think we really have a problem with ignorance and misinterpretation of the law and we should all rather get on our knees and pray the problem away.

The answer is not getting more religious, people, it’s getting more enlightened.


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