Ghanaian Woman-Mavis Otuteye Who Attempted to Walk into Canada from U.S. Dies of Hypothermia

Mavis Otuteye

Ghanaian woman-Mavis Otuteye, 57, has been found dead near the Manitoba border of Canada, following an attempt to walk from the United States into Canada.

According to NY Daily News, Mavis Otuteye “died of possible hypothermia trying to walk into Canada, U.S. police said on Tuesday”.

“The Kittson County Sheriff’s office said they discovered the woman’s body on Friday near Noyes, Minnesota which is directly across from the Canadian border town of Emerson where asylum seekers had been crossing in recent months.

The county sheriff, in concert with U.S. border patrol, had been searching for a missing woman following a call the previous day, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. A preliminary autopsy indicated hypothermia as cause of death,” added the website. 

Though the police have failed to give further details about Mavis Otuteye, the Police said in a statement that “It is believed that Mavis was attempting to enter Canada at the time of her death.”

As many as over 2,000 people since January have crossed the border from the United States into Canada illegally, going through the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Quebec, walking across unmonitored fields or through ditches.

Reports say many of these border crossers who are legal residents of the United States claim they are running away from Trump’s administration.


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