Capt. Mahama’s Death Was Orchestrated By Assemblyman And Other Galamseyers – Denkyira-Obuasi Resident Alleges

Maxwell Mahama

A resident of Denkyira-Obuasi has revealed that the death of Capt. Maxwell Mahama was not because he was mistaken for being an armed robber, but a well planned lynching led by the assembly man and those involved in the galamsey business.

According to Kofi Duku, the lynching of the officer was a well planned murder to send a message to the soldiers who were in the town to fight the menace.

The prevailing theory over Capt. Mahama’s death was that he was ‘mistaken’ for a robber and thus lynched, but some others have provided an alternate explanation involving galamsey.

Mahama was the leader of a platoon of soldiers stationed in the town on an anti-galamsey mission, and some have claimed that the assembly man himself has a stake in a galamsey mine.

Duku claims those reports are true but that was why Mahama was killed.

“They intentionally plant the woman on the road to shout out that he is an armed robber and they beat him to death.” Duku told Neat Fm.

“It is not true that they killed because they suspected him to be an armed robber; they planned to end his life and those behind the plan are the galamseyers and the Assembly man.”

He continued: “The Assemblyman gave the order for them to kill Captain Mahama. The military officer gave a warning shot and said he is an officer but that angered the galamseyers saying they have been looking for him.”

Duku also reiterated that the town is well known for lawlessness.

“There is no law in the town and everybody does whatever they want. There is no chief, queen mother and police station in the town.”


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