Ghanaian Chelsea Fan Hold Thanksgiving Service For Club’s EPL Win (Photos)

Classically proving what an non-serious nation we are, a group of Ghanaians, led by Azigiza Jnr, held a massive Thanksgiving Service Sunday to celebrate the league win of English Premier League Champions Chelsea.

Held at the Living Streams International Church in Accra, the service was supervised by Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Markwei.

In attendance were scores of Chelsea fans, including the Rev Azigiza Jnr, decked out in their Blues paraphernalia.

The sermon was under the theme – ‘Learn to promote the success of others’.

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The preacher, an Arsenal fan, reportedly told the congregation that despite Chelsea’s rotten form two seasons ago, they have come back to the top because “with God, nothing is impossible”

Because, obviously, God chooses the winners of every league in the world.


A club 1,000’s of miles, across an ocean, wins a league title and somehow Ghanaians are claiming it, to the extent of holding a ‘thanksgiving service’.

Despite our self evident problems as a nation, brutally thrown into the light with last week’s disgusting events – Ghanaians cannot seem to learn any serious lesson about the way this world works.

What haven’t we prayed about in this nation? Yet we remain in the mess we are in because we idiotically think prayer is an appropriate substitute for action. It’s not – I can assure you Chelsea won the league because of Antonio Conte, his tirelessly dedicated players, and the millions of Abramovich – not because God waved his magic wand over them.

I assume he waved that wand over the Europa league final as well and gave United the win over Ajax.

When are we going to sit up and join the 21st century?

More photos from the service below…IMG-20170604-WA0027



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