I’m Not A Bully, Nana Konadu’s Criticism Was Vague To Me – DKB

Nana Konadu & DKB

Nana Konadu confirmed boring and vulgar comedianDerick Kobina Boney popular known as DKB has lashed back at the Former First Lady for criticizing his supposed comic showmanship at an Easter event Mrs. Rawlings attended and allegedly infamously walked out on DKB when he mounted the stage.

According to DKB, Nana Konadu’s gesture and added negative criticism about him broke him down that he even had a cold because he has so much respect for the First Lady.

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DKB told Delay on the Delay Show that he’s not a bully as suggested by many. The Agricultural Science graduate from the University Of Ghana further stated that he sees Nana Konadu’s criticism as vague because a constructive criticism should offer an idea on what to do about what one thinks it’s wrong but to just say someone is boring with no suggestive solution he can’t take it as a criticism.

The former BBA housemate said even most of those who criticize him have never been to his show before but refer to posts on his social media pages as if that’s his comedy stage.

Talking about his Comedy career, DKB says it’s very profitable than being a field coordinator for Ministry Of Agric as most of his colleagues are doing.

He jokingly boasted of driving an SVU by the Grace of his Career.

DKB also revealed that his media known girlfriend has walked out from the relationship for reasons he doesn’t know making him presently single.


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