One Man, Four Wives, Ten Children – South Africa’s Hit Reality Tv Show (Photos)

A South African man with four wives is the star of a reality show in the country which tackles the issue of polygamy.

Mr Musa Mseleku, 43, is the star of the show, which features himself, his four wives and their ten children.

Titled ‘Uthando Nes’thembu’ (Love and Polygamy), the show has been received condemnation by South Africans for promoting an old school lifestyle in this new era, but Mseleku says his plan is to show that the misconceptions about a polygamous marriage are simply untrue.

“One of the biggest misconceptions [about] polygamous lifestyles is that it is a culture which seeks to oppress women,” Mr Mseleku told the BBC.

“That’s one of the reasons we wanted to do the show, to allow people to see that it’s not like that in our case. I want to show men that you can be in a polygamous relationship and also be a considerate husband.”

Mseleku and his family stays on a property he owns, with each wife having her own house. The show follows them in both their home lives and their jobs.

Busisiwe MaCele, Nokukhanya MaYeni, Mbali MaNgwabe and Thobile Mseleku are the four wives, and the show depicts how they rely on each other. Thobile told the BBC they are like sisters.

Critics on social media say the show portrays a traditional view of things, not simply in the term of a man having four wives but Musa also depicted as lord over the household.

One episode which garnered massive criticism showed Mseleku given his wives a 5pm curfew, beyond which they cannot leave the house. They also require his permission to hang out with their friends or to drink alcohol.


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