Abraham Attah’s Manager Blasts ‘Disrespectful’ Gh Celebrities For Not Keeping Scheduled Appointments Or Turning Up Late

Manager of child prodigy Abraham Attah, Mawuko Kuadzi, is unimpressed with Ghanaian celebrities and their love for not keeping appointments.

In a scathing post on Facebook, Kuadzi said celebrities agreeing to appear at a show and then not appearing, or appearing late, is simply disrespectful and not setting a right example.

Kuadzi said these actions are making Ghanaians lose confidence in their ‘ghost celebrities’.

Read post below…

Lot of our celebrities have become lairs and we are losing confidence in them. When you do videos and pictures that you will be at an event and don’t show up,I don’t think it’s cool. Most of them know they won’t be there,but they will announce that they will be there and their fans show up only to see their ghosts. Some endorse the program and take the money and don’t show up but if you continue doing that, the day you will show up your fans will show you that they made you who you are.

It has been happening for a long time but shall we continue to entertain ghost celebrities? The other one is when they show up very late and keep the host and audience wondering if they will be there for real,which I find very disrespectful. Celebrities are examples. What are you teaching? What education are you giving? When you continue like that,one day you will be on time and your audience will show up late and you will understand who has power.

Celebrities and Managers,please show up and be on time. Don’t let us be like some of our ministers. And event organizers don’t give the audience 6pm and give the celebrity 10pm to show up. They will come at 1am. We don’t like that. Ebo Whyte thank you. You are one good example of change. They even take this attitude to set where they keep the crew and up coming talent waiting.Actors will not show up on time and musicians will not show up on time to shoot their own music videos.”


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