Former President Rawlings Is Dishonest And Corrupt – Alhaji Bature Charges + Says Rawlings Took $5m From ‘Thief’ Sani Abacha


Owner of the Al-Hajj newspaper and NDC stalwart, Alhaji Bature, has torn into the founder of the party, Jerry John Rawlings, calling him a corrupt and dishonest personality.

Bature, responding to numerous attacks against the party by Rawlings in his June 4th speech, said Rawlings had no problem taking $5m from a ‘thief’ like former Nigerian military leader Gen Sani Abacha, but instead is always lecturing others about corruption.

He said Rawlings’ claim in his June 4th speech that he took only $2m was not accurate.

Mynewsgh.com reports…

Managing Editor of the Al Hajj Newspaper, Alhaji Bature Iddrissu on Tuesday June 6, 2017 disclosed that the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Rawlings received $5 million dollars from Nigerian military leader Sani Abacha , who served as head of state  between 1993 and 1998.

“He confessed to me that the amount he received was $5 million dollars and not $2 million. He openly told me this and I dare tell him that he received stolen money from a thief. How much was he as head of State receiving at the time as salary that he could gift you such an amount? What work did Rawlings do for Abacha that he gifted him that amount”, he asked on Adom TV on Monday

He said the amount was the cause of the rift between he (Rawlings) and the former National Chairman of the party Dr Obed Asamoah leading to his breaking away from the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP).

“Rawlings is dishonest and corrupt. Corruption is not only about embezzling funds but being untruthful and not morally upright are all ingredients of corruption”, he said.

Mr Rawlings while addressing the 38th anniversary of the 4 June 1979 uprising in Wa, said the son of the “domestication man” – late Dan Lartey – allowed himself to be used by even “crazier” people within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to accuse him (Rawlings) of corruptly gaining $5million from Nigeria’s late dictator Sani Abacha.

Mr Rawlings on Sunday insisted he got only $2million from Mr Abacha, which he used for “nationalistic purposes” and not $5million as alleged by Dr Lartey, flag bearer of the GCPP in the 2016 elections.


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