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My Story: A Killer Has Been Hired to Kill Me, My Husband and Children And After Submitting the Killer’s Threats And Evidence to Ghana Police, Nothing Has Been Done—We’ve Even Paid Money As Demanded By the Killer

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A Ghanaian working mother, Vivian who resides at Kwabenya in Accra has narrated to GhanaCelebrities.Com the nightmare she and her family have been enduring since May 11—when she found a note on her car, asking her to call a particular number.

According to Vivian, after calling the number on the note several times without any answer, she told her husband about it who also called—in an attempt to find out why the note was left on Vivian’s car which was parked at home.

“And then a few minutes after my husband called without anyone answering, the same number called him back. The person at the other side of the phone said he had been hired to kill my husband, myself and our children,” Vivian told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

The person who left the note on Vivian’s car, now claiming to be a killer, asked that they pay him 2000 GHS or else they would be murdered.

If you live with children, such a threat wouldn’t be taken lightly especially if the person had somewhat been able to come into your fenced compound and boldly leave a note on your call, demanding that you call him.

As anyone would do, Vivian reported the death threat to the Kwabenya-Atomic Police, and at the station, she met with Commander Bright Boafo and CID Charles Amoah.

“The police made me write a statement, came to my house to have a look and also took the note as well as this killer’s number,” Vivian said.

But as expected, Ghana Police has not really done anything to assure Vivian and her family that they are on top of things, especially when the threats and demands from the killer are still coming.

Vivian says, her house help told her she spotted an intruder when she was away at work a few days after making contact with the supposed killer and so they decided to increase the height of their fence wall with new layers.

That evening after the new layers had been added, “we received a call from this same number, the killer, saying he has seen that we have added new blocks but that this wouldn’t stop him from striking if we do not make immediate payment. He even rightfully mentioned the church we go to.”

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With Vivian’s husband being away for work at the time of this call and the police really not doing much, they were left in fear and so the husband spoke to the killer in relation to his demands, and the killer said even if they cannot pay all the 2000 GHS at once, an instalment would be acceptable.

“My husband, therefore, sent this person 1000 GHS via MTN mobile money—the number is registered to a certain Grace Korkor and the killer later confirmed receipt,” distressed Vivian said.

Without much being done by Ghana Police except the constant tale that they’ve asked for a court order since May 11 which is not here yet to be able to get MTN to assist with details to help arrest this killer cum extortionist, the company Vivian works for arranged for a private security to come to her aid—but there’s a limit to what a private security companies could do.

In fact, Vivian says, Ghana Police stationed a patrol team to make rounds to her residence but soon one of the patrol guys demanded for money—with the outcome being that their failure to pay this patrol officer abruptly ended the patrols meant to keep them safe.

And then the killer called a few days ago, demanding for the rest of his money (audio below)—adding that, he was the same person who killed a journalist at Goaso a few years ago and this was because the journalist failed to pay out when he made contacts.

Like the many others, the conversation between Vivian’s husband and the killer in which the killer talks about having killed the journalist was recorded and has been handed over to Ghana Police—but the story lingers on, almost one month down the line, the court order is still pending.


Vivian and her family go to sleep each night, not knowing if that’s the night the supposed killer will strike—because, he’s out there making threats and demands without Ghana Police really giving them any reason to believe they are safe.

“No one seems to care. Perhaps, they are waiting for us to be slaughtered before there would be a national outcry. For over a month now, we’ve never had a good sleep because it’s scary and dreadful knowing that someone says he’s about to kill you and could possibly do it with ease,” Vivian told GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri.   

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