Giving Up Drinking, Playing The Guitar + MORE – Wutah Reveal What They Each Learned During Their Time As Solo Acts

Wutah Kobby gave up drinking and picked up a guitar, Wutah Afriyie learned to be self reliant – Wutah have been revealing what they learnt during their time as solo artists.

The group acrimoniously broke up years ago, but have reunited now and are hoping to hit the heights of their giddy first run together.

The duo were interviewed on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy Fm Tuesday, and they both revealed what they had learned during their time apart.

Wutah Kobby said he gave up drinking after he played a show solo, without his brother, and realised that his level of fitness was not up to scratch.

“I told myself, ‘man if this is the life you want to live and perform, and can’t stand for one hour and sing without your brother, then where are you going?'” he said.

Other lessons he learned include: “…Believe in God and time, then patience. Those are bitter but their fruits are sweet. Musically, I also learnt to play the guitar. I used to play a little bit, but he (Wutah Afriyie) used to play it for the group,”

Afriyie also revealed that he learned to be self reliant during their time apart, and also that as a group, they shouldn’t allow a third party to come between them.


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