Major Mahama’s Killers Should Be Tortured To Death – Says ‘Lawyer’ Maurice Ampaw

Really? How can anyone call themselves a lawyer and hold such a position?

Ampaw has always been a clown more than a lawyer but this just goes into another realm of cluelessness altogether.

Maurice Ampaw has given out his thoughts on what should happen to the killers of Major Maxwell Mahama, and unsurprisingly, his opinion is as unsophisticated as he is.

According to the ‘lawyer’, the culprits of Mahama’s deaths should be tortured to death in a public forum, to serve as a deterrent to others to not engage in mob violence.

“The culprits should be tortured to death at a public square so that it would serve as a deterrent to others not to engage in mob justice. When that is done and people see how you are tortured to death, it will be a major lesson for them not to engage in such acts themselves”, Ampaw said on Agoo Tv.

According to him, such a punishment would let others think twice before engaging in similar actions themselves.

So Ampaw wants the state to willingly engage in torture, and for Ghanaians to witness it, as a deterrent?

How does this guy have a law licence yet Francis Xavier Sosu is suspended?


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