How to Naturally Grow Curly or Afro-Caribbean Hair Fast


It’s no secret that us curly girls have a far more challenging time trying to keep our voluminous tresses healthy because they are naturally drier than our straight haired counterparts. Because of the curl, it takes moisture a lot more effort to travel down to the ends of our hair to ensure it is kept moisturized and healthy.

The less healthy your hair, the more difficult it is for it to grow and prevent breakages. If you are looking for the best way to grow your curly or Afro-Caribbean hair fast then try these top tips.

1. Stop the heat or chemical damage

This point goes without saying, but it’s one of the most important ways to get your curly hair into tip-top condition. Though it’s tempting to tame those flyaways, heat, and damage is the fastest way to dry, brittle and lifeless curls.

Instead, opt for the natural look and let your hair air dry after washing. This way it will retain all its natural oils to help it grow strong and healthy. If you are feeling self-conscious about leaving the heat behind then learn some pretty heatless hairstyles to give your hair extra oomph.

2. Natural hair oils

Hair is made up of a bunch of different proteins and natural oils. These oils help hair to grow healthy and strong and ensures that it has enough moisture to prevent breakage and dryness. Because naturally curly girls are prone to lack of moisture, natural oils are a great way to keep your hair in tip-top condition all year round.
Top natural oils for hair:

● Coconut oil – if you aren’t already using coconut oil on your hair then you are missing a trick. This is perhaps the most popular of the oils for hair and gives it the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Its antiseptic properties help to maintain good scalp health that promotes hair growth.

● Jamaican black castor oil – this oil is one of the most beneficial for hair growth, with many claiming that it helps hair to grow fast. This oil has a thicker consistency and can be used with other carrier oils (like coconut oil) for added benefits. Use on eyebrows and eyelashes to give your hair moisture.

3. Co-only, No-poo or curly girl method

Another option for the brave curly girls out there is the no-poo or co-only washing. This method eliminates the use of shampoo to make your hair healthy and promote hair growth. Co-only means washing only with conditioner and no-poo methods include washing the hair with natural products like baking soda and vinegar. This is a very effective way to help your hair maintain its moisture which in turn, promotes hair growth.

4. Fake it til you make it

And who says you have to wait until your hair grows to your desired length? One of the best ways to get the long, thick hair your desire is by using hair extensions or weave. This will add volume to your hair when you need it the most. Try looking for all-natural hair extensions and weave for a subtle style. Natural hair extensions last a lot longer than fake hair and will blend well, even for those with Afro-Caribbean hair textures. Find the perfect, all-natural hair extensions for 4c hair here.

So there you have it. These are the best ways to grow your hair for those with curly or Afro-Caribbean hair textures. The secret is taking good care of your natural hair to allow it to grow strong and healthy which will promote hair growth. What method will you try next?

By Hollie Jones–Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for lifestyle blog, She cares a lot about weddings, natural hair care, and beauty and loves to write about these topics.


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