A-Plus Says A Lot of Ewes Are Jealous of Akans–And Ewe Name Bearing Facebook Accounts Are Always Misbehaving


There’s this hovering tension between Akans and Ewes–perhaps, we should call it hatred. It’s somewhat still news for an Akan to marry an Ewe in contemporary Ghana.

The story behind this hatred, it predates our generation…

According to musician/comedian A-Plus, it seems Ewes have been long deceived to continue hating Akans for no reason–especially when it comes to politics.

“When I post something on Facebook, 90 percent of the people who come to insult me instead of disagreeing or sharing their opinion have Ewe names. Are people using Ewe name to misbehave on Facebook? Is there an increase in the kind of Ewes people, who believed it when Rawlings gave them the impression that Ewes and Akans are enemies even though he was married to an Ashanti and named his daughter after the greatest Ashanti queen, Yaa Asanyewaa? Or they are just no being brought up well?,” he wrote on Facebook.

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He continued: “The last thing I want do is this tribal thing but it’s the hard truth. Why are some of you guys so jealous of Akans? I saw so many people with Ewes post about Kumasi Mall. I didn’t see one Akan angry. We laughed over it. Just talk about their #Kaba wearing Ayigbe Jay Z and they feeling like killing…..

People make fun of Northerners. Even the northerners themselves call another northern tribe their slaves and they laugh over it. What is wrong with Ewe people? Majority are full of hatred and jealousy.

I say what’s on my mind without fear. You can’t stop me. Just forget it.

I can post a list of people I’ve blocked on Facebook. 90% are Ewe names, the remaining 10% are Mallams.”


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