A Plus’ Facebook Account Taken Down

The Facebook account of Musician/Comedian A Plus has been taken down.

The controversial star often makes news with his posts on Facebook but it seems he has finally pissed off enough people that he has been blocked by Facebook.

Plus got into tribal arguments earlier today with some followers, after one wrote a long post dissing him. He hit back, saying Ewes are jealous of Akans.

“When I post something on Facebook, 90 percent of the people who come to insult me instead of disagreeing or sharing their opinion have Ewe names. Are people using Ewe name to misbehave on Facebook? Is there an increase in the kind of Ewes people, who believed it when Rawlings gave them the impression that Ewes and Akans are enemies even though he was married to an Ashanti and named his daughter after the greatest Ashanti queen, Yaa Asanyewaa? Or they are just no being brought up well?,” he wrote.

It seems his controversial style has finally caught up with him, if you attempt opening A Plus’ page now he has been blocked.


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