Police Warn Men to Be Wary of Female Rapists in Zimbabwe As More Men Are Getting Raped

Police in Zimbabwe have issued a word of caution to the public to be on the lookout for a group of women who have been accused of sexually assaulting men in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare.

According to the police two separate incidents were reported last week since the last case of four women who drugged and “sexually molested” a 29-year-old man they had offered a lift last year August.

Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, Spokesperson for the Police, said the first incident occurred last Saturday when a 37-year-old man boarded a bus with two female passengers and a male driver.

Speaking to The Herald, a local media outlet he said, “On the way, one of the females who had boarded the vehicle together with the complainant, drew what appeared to be a pistol and force-marched the complainant into a bushy area along Delport Road.”

“One of the females forced the complainant to have sexual intercourse with him without his consent while another female accused forced the complainant to drink an unknown liquid which left the complainant unconscious,” he said.

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He also narrated the misery of the second victim who was offered a lift to Harare by five women. He became unconscious after accepting a drink they gave him. He realized he had been abused when he regained consciousness.

Similar incidents were reported in September 2015 when two women allegedly raped a man at gunpoint after offering him a lift.

“We would like to urge members of the public to be on the lookout for a group of men and women who are giving unsuspecting victims transport and end up abusing them,” Chief Superintendent Nyathi advised.


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