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My Story: How A Confidence Trickster Sat At My Wedding Gift Table Over the Weekend And Posed As A Family Member to Collect Gifts And Disappear With Them

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A newly married man, Albert Ababio, has told GhanaCelebrities.Com about what’s on many levels funny but also shocking–that a man from nowhere, a confidence trickster managed to sit at his wedding’s gift table as if he had been authorised to do so and collected enough gifts from guests which he disappeared with.

Albert married his beautiful wife, Stella, in Takoradi in Ghana over the weekend and the wedding was attended by over 300 friends and family–of course, including the confidence trickster who was not invited.

According to Albert, on Monday they realised a lot of their gifts from guests were missing as the number of gifts did not tally with the gift names and phone numbers written down at the gift table.

“We detected the anomaly on Monday when we did the audit. All guests who presented gifts had their names and numbers captured.It was as a result of checking the names against the gifts/envelopes that we detected a few missing ones,” he told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

He continued: “We asked the custodian of the table who said she gave everything she received to us. But it was from an amateur video captured at the wedding that we saw an unknown young man sitting by the custodian. She said the guy came to him and claimed the head of protocol had asked him to assist.”blank

“Apparently minutes prior to that, she had seen him and the head of protocol chatting so she bought into his story, although she had received firm instructions not to allow anyone apart from her,” Albert narrated.

Friends of Albert took to Facebook with photos of the confidence trickster captured from the video that picked him up at the wedding, appealing to friends to help locate him.

“Hello Friends, anyone who knows this gentleman or has information about him should kindly contact Albert Osei Owusu Ababio or ask him to contact me for his own good.He posed as a family member, sat at the gifts table and made away with some gifts and cash during the refreshment of Albert last weekend. Be on the look out for such people are your gathering folks,” Razak Cofie, a friend of Albert posted on his Facebook page earlier today.

Following GhanaCelebrities.Com’s earlier publication and with the help of social media users, the confidence trickster whom we’ve been told is called Kizito Papa Kwaku Acquah has been tracked down.

“We traced him to his hood and got people to get in touch with him and then he came home. We accosted him and he confessed.So we crossed checked the list and he brought out the envelopes in his possession. We recovered all the envelopes in his possession (15 in all). He had spent Ghc 280 already,” the newlywed Albert told us this evening.

Albert says he’s not telling this story just because someone was bold enough to attend his wedding uninvited and managed to steal from the gifts that friends and family brought but to alert other Ghanaians planning a wedding that, a new “mode of stealing” is in town and they should watch out for the gift table thieves.

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