Twitter Descends On Barron Trump’s T Shirt Inscription “The Expert”

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Melania & Barron Trump Arrives In DC

11-year-old son of Melania and Donald Trump is gaining all the attention on Twitter for wearing a T-shirt that says “The Expert”.

Barron and Melania have just moved into the Whitehouse officially after staying in the Trump Tower in New York ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the POTUS and he moved into the White House.

According to HollywoodReporter the T-shirts costs $29.50 and it has caught public attention upon their arrival in Washington DC. Onlookers also noticed a popular toy the 11-year-old was playing with. Report says it’s a “fidget spinner” – a therapy to relieve stress.

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It’s also very noticed that Barron Trump’s T-Shirt is trending for meme purposes on the micro blogging platform and there’s a parody account with the name @BarronTheExpert already.

Check out some tweets about Barron Trump and his T shirt so far:

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