Meet Felicia Akosua Parker of iGlamour GH–the Fabulous Young Make-up Artiste With A Golden Touch

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Make-up By Felicia Parker-IGlamour GH

Forget the clowns and the amateurs parading themselves on social media as pro make-up artists and pay attention to Felicia Parker of iGlamourGH–for the simple fact that she has the golden touch.

Before becoming a make-up artist, Parker was and is still a model and she says her decision to become a make-up artist was borne out of the fact that a certain make-up artist turned her into a caricature on set one day while working as a model.

“It all started when I was having a professional photo-shoot as a model and the makeup artist back then made me feel sad with her horrible makeup on my face. I said to myself I thought makeup was supposed to make me look beautiful, I had a second thought about learning and being my own boss at doing it. So I started sorting out for the best makeup artist/school to learn from,” she told GhanaCelebrities.Com in an interview.

For the past 4 years, Parker has been working as a make-up artist in Ghana with a tall list of important clients. She was the person who handled the beautiful and so on-point make-up of Elsie Anthony-Williams, the wife of GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri at their recent traditional and white wedding in Ghana.

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Make-up By Felicia Parker-IGlamour GH

Though everyone who saw Elsie Anthony-Williams’ traditional and white wedding photos loved the make-up, Parker says that was one of her difficult jobs so far. “Elsie Febiri’s wedding was the “I don’t like makeup type” so I had to be extra careful not to mess up her day. Also, her husband wasn’t a fan of makeup, and therefore she was cautious about the kind of makeup trend she was going to have for her big day. But at end of the day, I was able to impress her and the husband and they ended up congratulating me for a good job well,” she said.

Ms Parker, 26, houses a dream to one day come out with a makeup line and to also continue to climb the ladder of excellence when it comes to delivering perfect make-up for her clients.

About her love for make-up, she said: “My love for what I do can be broken down into three categories: I love the feeling that I am empowering the people I work on, I love connecting with my clients and I love the journey as a young entrepreneur.  I believe that everyone has a special gift and that it is their duty to share it with the world. Mine is the ability to enhance people’s natural beauty and help bring out the most confident version of them.”

She continued: “Whether you are a bride, a runway model, a real-estate agent or an internet entrepreneur, one thing always holds true- when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you are in the best state of mind to give YOUR gift to the world. I truly believe this.”

On her strict make-up rules and tips, Parker said:  “First rule: The tone of your foundation and powder should match your natural skin tone. This is in my opinion, the most important rule because if you do not follow this rule, you will most likely get a lot of stares, not because you are looking fabulous, but because you are looking funny.”

Make-up By Felicia Parker-IGlamour GH

“Second Rule: Never go to sleep with makeup on your face. This can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Your skin can break out because of the pores being clogged and this can cause scarring on your face. I know sometimes I feel too tired to remove my makeup, but I force myself to do it.”

“Third Rule: If you have a dramatic eyeshadow going on, do not wear a dramatic lip color or vice versa.You will look overdone if you don’t follow this rule. You can wear a nude lip with a dramatic eyeshadow eye or a neutral smokey eye with a bright lip.”

“Fourth Rule: Don’t use too much bronzer.  Some women think the more the bronzer the better but that is wrong. A little will go a long way. No matter what kind of smokey eye or lip you have, never apply too much bronzer!”

“Fifth Rule: Always use an eyeshadow primer. You don’t want to look like a mess at the end of the day or have the eye shadow disappear almost as soon as you put it on your eyelids,” Parker told GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Make-up By Felicia Parker-IGlamour GH

Parker is experienced and cut for all–from brides to celebrity red carpet appearances, via photo shoots to a fabulous outing, she is the professional you need.

“With a wide range of makeup artists in the beauty industry, everyone is always doing something exciting. The key is to pay attention to detail and to do your research. Stay on top of current trends and what products artists are using to get that look. Know your decades! If you show up to a photo shoot and the photographer says, ‘we are going with a fierce look’ you need to know what that means and re-create it! If you’re not a makeup artist this advice is equally valuable. Staying on top of the latest products and trends is great for inspiration and will help to push you outside your cosmetic comfort zone,” she said when asked about her advice to other make-up artists.

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