On Father’s Day, Berla Mundi’s Mother Turned 60 – Photos

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Aunty Ruby (Berla Mundi’s Mum)

Aunty Ruby, mother of Ghanaian Tv/Radio Presenter Berla Mundi marked a milestone of hitting age 60 years and her new age was celebrated appropriately without it being shadowed by the world celebrating Fathers.

At a family and friends gathering, a party was organized for Aunty Ruby and testimonies about her kindness, love and discipline were thrown at her.

However, being a rare time to see Berla Mundi’s Mum, GhanaCelebrities.com has noticed that her daughter is a just chip off the old block from looks to morale for entertainment.

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Looking smart at age 60, Aunty Ruby also took the dance floor to show off some dancing skills.

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