Keep On Entertaining Us With Your Ignorance – Lydia Forson Just Laid The Smackdown On DKB For His 1st Century Views Of Feminism


DKB made an arse of himself on social media Tuesday with a chauvinistic, misogynistic post about women and feminism, which was somewhat ironical coming from him.

DKB said in his post that feminists are only interested in dragging others into their miserable, lonely lives and that ‘power belongs to the man’.

It was only a matter of time until a strong feminist like Lydia Forson responded to DKB’s ancient views, and she has.

Forson takes the tack of education rather than disparagement, couching her response as a letter to other feminists.

She ended her post with a message for people like DKB – if he’s unwilling to learn, feminists like herself would sit back comfortably and watch him display his ignorance.

Check out her post below…you might learn something yourself.

Dear Feminist,

Let’s not fight those who don’t get us; especially those who continue to promote the stereotype that has followed the movement for years because of the actions of some and the misconception of others.

Instead let’s try to educate them, seeing that a lot of them don’t seem to know any better or what the word feminism even means.

If that doesn’t work IGNORE and save your energy for a fight that’s really worth it. But here’s a little education for those needing it.

1. We don’t hate men, we just don’t like the abusive, oppressive and chauvinist type; we also don’t believe our world “should” revolve around them if we don’t want it to. (Honey if you want your world to revolve around your man, go right ahead knowing you did it by CHOICE).

2. We don’t hate marriage, we just don’t believe it’s a MUST for every woman, or there’s a timeline for when you should just to please society.

3. A lot of feminist are married and even stay at home wives. Author Malaka Grant is a wonderful mother of 4 a stay at home mom and one of the strongest feminist I know. Famed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is equally married with a child. My sis Hajia-Xalia Qassim is equally a mother, wife and a strong feminist. **So where’s the proof that feminist hate marriage or never marry.

4. Feminism isn’t a word limited to only women, but men too. Because it’s all about the fight for equality irrespective of gender; if you’re a man and you believe this, you’re a feminist.

5. Feminism has no age, class or “look”. How you dress, the job you do, your lifestyle etc doesn’t determine if you’re more or less of a feminist. You can wear a mini skirt, a hijab or dress like a tomboy and still be a feminist. Ultimately it’s about having the right to have a say in how we live our lives, what we do with our bodies etc regardless of how you may feel about it.

You don’t have to LIKE what we stand for, but you have to respect our right to do so.

On that note; listen ain’t no body got time to be fighting battles that will only exhaust and drain us, if you don’t want to be educated we’ll take a back seat, get some popcorn and watch you entertain us with your ignorance.


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