Taiwanese Designer Stuns The Internet With Her Extremely Youthful Looks

Lure Hsu

41-year-old, Lure Hsu, is the latest internet star who has stunned thousands of people with her incredibly youthful appearance.

The interior designer who will be welcoming her 42nd birthday later this year but looks like a young student revealed that her top secrets to being youthful are drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of vegetables.

Lure, who said keeping herself hydrated was of the highest importance, explained she drank a lot of water every day and tried to stay away from sugary drinks, such as Coke. The only other beverage she would have was a cup of black coffee every morning.

Lure was first noticed by the public in the year 2015 when her younger sister, 35-year-old actress Sharon invited her to attend an entertainment show with her.

Her fans were shocked to learn Lure’s age when her sister Sharon shared a post on Facebook to celebrate her 40th birthday in August 2015

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Lure recommended women to moisturize their skin every day because ‘once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles’.

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