I Lied About Being In My Period To Escape Music Exec Trying To Have S*x With Me – Feli Nuna Recounts The Difficulties Of Being A Woman Trying To Make It In The GH Entertainment Industry

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We’ve all heard the rumours – how some females have to go through some ‘hot action’ just to get that role or that record deal.

In some cases, it’s more than just rumours.

Burgeoning singer Feli Nuna says it’s more than just rumours, agreeing that many females ‘go down’ to be able to make it in the industry.

Speaking on Kasapa Fm, she reveals that something similar nearly happened to her one time, but she bolted when she realised what was going on with the excuse that she was on her period.

She recounted:

The man came with a clear conscious that he wants to be my Godfather, claiming in the entertainment circle every lady has to get one, so I said that’s no problem but unknown to me the man was referring to s*x.”

“He invited me to a hotel where I met a lady whom I can say emphatically that the man had slept with her. The man confidently told me to go upstairs to his hotel room with him, but I was so smart to tell him I’m was in my period. If I hadn’t used mensuration as excuse to escape from him I would have fallen victim to his scams so easily because I was desperately in need.”

Close shave! She continued:

Coming up, you meet a lot of people who offer to help you and things…definitely; they don’t want to help you for free. Using my personal experience, with people who offered to help, definitely you were going to get returns in the end because it’s an investment, but they always want a ‘side dish,’ and it’s not the best. That’s one of the challenges I faced before hitting the limelight.

“It made things a bit hard because if you don’t go their way, you have to wait for a proper opportunity or fight harder. I want to tell all the young girls coming up to believe in yourself and the right opportunity will avail itself. Don’t fall into traps; it’s easily avoidable,”

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