Rihanna Finds Love – Cameras Caught Her Passionately Kissing An Unknown Man [Photos]

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Rihanna the Barbadian Rock Super Star has gained much weight this year that left many wondering what’s new in her life. Some fans even thought she was pregnant but counter reports have thrashed those rumours.

Nevertheless, there’s a new man in Bad Girl Riri’s life as paparazzi captured her profoundly making out in a pool with a man in Spain.

Rihanna was missing at the just ended BET Awards which means something more important and fun was hanging around her neck. Beyond reasonable doubt – it’s time with the singer’s new found love that no one knows. Thus if it’s not just her one time satisfaction.

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Photos emerging online caught the couple vacationing in Spain where they can’t get over each other.

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Rihanna locking lips with an Unknown Man in Spain

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