6 Steps To Upgrade Your Casual Style

Often contemporary fashionistas forget about the real meaning of wearing stylish clothes, however, this article will remind them. Bearing beautiful clothes is good and welcome, but there are some things people forget when selecting the right kind of them. Being in trend is also great, but what do we mean writing about the real meaning of clothes?

Remember the Biblical story about Adam and Eve: they lived in the Eden garden and were completely naked, or it’s better to say almost naked. Actually, according to the Scriptures, they wore the garments of glory. When they ate the forbidden fruit, they lost these unusual clothes made by God and covered themselves with the skin of the killed animals. Hence, it’s possible to assume that in the beginning the sense of wearing clothes was to glorify God.

What does it mean?

To be more precise, if people wear the clothes which is beautiful, clean, neato, and comfortable at the same time, the God gets praise for that. It’s very important to choose the right kind of clothes which underline your strengths and hide your weaknesses, so you’d better take care of your look.

How to upgrade the style?

If you are a fan of casual style, it’s easy to progress. Just follow these 6 steps to make you look up-to-date:


Begin your style-creating journey with your head. A good-looking hat is just what you need. It can cover you from the sun and make you look fashionable. It’s not true when people say that only old men and ladies wear hats. There many cool hats for youth in the shops, so make a decision to change your life finally by buying a cute hat. Besides, it’s not only a pop star or a gangster allowed to wear hats. Try something new.


Are you tired of the fact that only policemen wear sunglasses and so called “cool” guys and chicks? Aren’t you a cool guy or girl too? The summer is yet to come, so get prepared for the hot season! Trendy sunglasses will make your look complete, if you select the model which suits you the best. Remember that some kinds of sunglasses will be made exactly for you whereas some won’t. Set aside time for glasses-shopping. Concentrate on the best.


The classy blouses are just perfect elements of casual style. They may be ideally combined with jeans, skirts, and even sneakers. If only you choose the colors which will benefit one another. Ignore the haters who say that chiffon blouses are too much for casual style. The latest tendencies of fashion contradict with their opinion. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, you may choose a long blouse and a short jacket.


A black top gilet over the blouse is designed not only for Jewish people, but for everyone who likes to stand out in the crowd. Looking extraordinary is stylish nowadays. Additionally, wearing a black gilet can balance your outfit. Gilet can be combined with T-shirts with prints and jeans. So you may choose which top you prefer the most: a classical or contemporary one. Develop your look with this clothes detail.

-Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are just amazing if combined with a blouse. Moreover, you may risk surprising the society by wearing a pencil skirt with sneakers. But it’s totally up to you: some people like it, some don’t. Anyway, a skirt over the knees looks fantastic not only as a part of the casual style but also classy style. The burgundy color is the hottest top trend this time, so you may note it. Besides, pencil skirt suits every woman.

This post was published on June 29, 2017 6:15 PM

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