Sister Deborah Just Celebrated 1 Year With Boyfriend-Medikal As An Achievement And When A Shocked Fan Asked A Hilarious Question–She Bytch Slapped Him

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Medikal and Sister Debbie

For people like Sister Deborah, being with a single guy for a year is a big hell of an achievement–if you think it’s not, just look at her track record.

Deborah like most women has always wanted that person she could call hers and then came Medikal–the man she says she’s only 8 years older than.

After one year of being with Medikal, Deborah Vanessa took to Twitter to celebrate this milestone. That was when a fan jumped in, asking what the hell Debbie was celebrating–one year of “Mpena Twea?”

Angry Sister Deborah went hard at him, replying that she was celebrating “1 year of tickling [the fans] trumu”

Check below for the hilarious exchange! 

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