Trendy Tattoos As A Sign Of Beauty

There are many pros and cons regarding tramp stamp tattoos, so don’t make conclusions too fast and wait a moment. In other words, the phenomenon of tramp stamp tattoos is rather controversial, and it’s better for you to get more information about them till you decide whether to place it on your body or not.                              

If you seek for the variations of cool tramp stamp tattoo designs, you may figure out such ones of them as:

-Flowers: chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, sakura florets;

-Animals such as dolphins, tigers, cats, deer, turtles, wolves etc.;

-Crossed guns;

-Hearts with wings;

-Birds and insects;


-Classy tribal ornaments;


-Mandala designs.

Where To Put a Tramp Stamp Tattoo?

Well, you can place this tattoo on a number of places, however, if you put it on the lower back, there will be a maximum pain during attachment.


There are many advantages of doing this, for example, a bearer of that place tattoo may be sure that the ink of the tattoo won’t change much within the time.


It’s quite simple to control the tattoo’s visibility. You can hide the tattoo with jeans or a jacket once needed.


This tattoo design is preferred mainly by females, however, men like this design as well.


Tramp stamp tattoos can be done in black dye or in color. There is a wide variety of its styles. So, it’s up to you how do you want it to be performed.

Here are some of them for your inspiration:

This post was published on June 29, 2017 6:26 PM

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