I Masturbate Twice Every Week If I Don't Have S*x – Wanlov

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Wanlov The Kubolor an Adisco old student (Santaclausian )now an Afro-gypsy musician and a brother to Deborah Vanessa has said that masturbation is not a bad thing and he does it to release stress.
Wanlov who walks around with a piece of cloth wrapped around his waist recently revealed that he withdrew his son from a school in Accra because the boy came home singing Gospel songs against his wish.

The “My Toto” hit make being a Guest on the same ETV Show “In bed with adwen” where Vicky Zugah professed her deep love for anal s*x, Wanlov said he prefers to ‘wank’ than go out for any affair when is he is horny.

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Wanlov explained that masturbation is also a way releasing sperms to always make way for fresh ones to be produced.

Watch Him Talk About It All Below:

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