70% Of Failed Marriages Are Caused By Wives Who Bleach – Man Alleges

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A Nigerian man has come out with his findings of the extended damage skin bleaching causes in marriages. He said 70% of divorce cases are caused by women who bleach.
Though his submissions are quite absurd, if you cast your eyes around in the divorce cases, you’ll be tempted to believe him.

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According to Exeugo Okechukwu who shared his opinion on Instagram, these bleached women after their divorce tend to social media to write long essays about their failed marriages and other likely girls who bleach too will comment “Awww you’re such a Strong woman”
Read his full text below:

The Sun ☀is still the Best photo Filter ?, makes your Skin Flawless, spotless and Blemish Free. It is Nigerian girls Bleaching Association(NGBA) worst Enemy. Keep bleaching from black to yellow my sister, but don’t Forget that 70% of failed Marriages in Nigeria comes from girls that Bleach. After they’ll write Cowbell Milk Essay competition about how their Marriage Crashed and their fellow Bleaching Mama’s Comment “Awww you’re such a Strong woman” Umu Iberibe.. Shout out to all the Beautiful dark skin ladies and the Original God made light skin girls. God bless y’all for being Original.

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