While the Boss Chicks Are Sleeping With Men for Money, This Beautiful Young Ghanaian Woman is Proudly Selling 'Boflot' & Sharing Photos On Her Facebook

Nana Akua

The boss chicks are mostly unemployed with their next meal in the pocket of a man, often someone’s husband or boyfriend.
And yet, they are the loudest on social media–with their thick make-up foundation alone capable of serving as the foundation of a 4 storey building.
Though Nana Akua Amankwa is beautiful and young, she’s not a boss chick–she’s hard working and earns a living decently.
Nana Akua Amankwa calls herself the “Toogbe Wura.”  She carries ‘Boflot’ on her head and roams in the scorching sun, in search for buyers.
It’s a difficult job but she’s proud of it–to the extent that she even shares photos of herself carrying her ‘Boflot’ on social media.
We are proud of Nana Akua for not becoming the next pathetic boss chick and we admire her humble beginning.
Wherever you meet Nana Akua, please make a purchase of her “Boflot” to help her business grow.
Check out the photos below…
Nana Akua1
Nana Akua2
Nana Akua3


Nana Akua is not selling


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