Mining Pit Which Trapped Miners Sealed As Rescue Yields No Results

The pit which collapsed and fell on some miners in the Western Region has now been utilised as their final resting place as authorities give up rescue efforts.
Five days after the pit collapse, rituals has been carried out to commit the soul of the dead, and their bodies would be left in the pit as their burial ground.
The total number of dead miners is 22, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Benito Owusu Bio revealed, and not 17 or even 14 as initially reported.
According to the minister, it’s impossible to retrieve the miners now, so they are assuming they’re all dead and sealing up the pit.
“A Catholic mass was held for the dead. Islamic and traditional prayers were also offered.” he told Accra based radio station Citi Fm.
“All the customary rites have been performed and we assume they are all dead and we are sealing up the pit. We are piling rocks and debris on it to the extent that nobody can reach that part again.” he added.


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