It's A Must For Gifty Anti To Show Her Baby Bump, So Everyone Knows It's Her Own Child

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Gifty Anti With Baby Bump

This is the celebrity life where fans and critics are always curious to know every detail of a Celebrity. This often leaves Celebrities not to know when to draw a line between their private and public life.
Is it, therefore, right or wrong for Gifty Anti to pose with her baby bump for the cameras? This topic instantly became a discussion when published a story with a photo confirming that the Ace Broadcaster is pregnant at age 47.

A GC reader said Gifty Anti should have known where to draw a line between her private life and public life – when he said “In fact, I am not in support of dis at all, can’t we live a private life a bit. Even those we least expect are also doing same. Pls

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However, another GC reader replied his comment saying that for the likes of Gifty Anti it’s necessary she flaunts her baby bump for everyone to know she carried the child.

My dear u ryt…buh for people na to say de baby…is na hers because. Of her age dey shd show wai” she wrote.

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