We Asked Random Ghanaian Women What They Look For When They First Meet A Man–And the Answers Are Not What We Expected

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If you are a Ghanaian man, you are about to change how Ghanaian women perceive you on first meetings–by just coming across this post.
While many men may consider things like how handsome a person looks, his hair cut and even what the person is wearing as important to making a good first appearance, a lot of Ghanaian women say they do not look at these things–rather something men may not really pay much attention to.
GhanaCelebrities.Com asked on our Facebook page what women first check out when they meet a man–and the majority of these women said they look at fingernails and teeth.
It’s pretty interesting: meaning if you have a bad set of teeth and fingernails, you are probably not going to get any attention.
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