Again With The Misogyny And Insensitivity – Nursing Mother Suspended By Ghana Health Service For Breastfeeding Her Child At Work

Ghana over the years have proudly become the land where females are openly discriminated against simply for undergoing their normal biological functions and nobody bats an eyelid.
Students have been banned from writing exams because they are pregnant, even up to the tertiary level where adults are the ones schooling, some companies have horrendous maternity policies which punish women for being the ones who carry children. The horror list goes on and on.
The latest institution to join this glorious list is the Ghana Health Service, which has suspended a nursing mother for breastfeeding her child at work.
Rita Adu-Kyie of the Odumase CHPS Compound received a letter from the Municipal Director of Health Services suspending her for bringing her child to work and breastfeeding it despite numerous warnings not to do so.
The suspension, for two weeks, commenced on July 5, 2017.
“My outfit is suspending you from work for two (2) weeks with immediate effect due to your refusal to take verbal instructions from me not to bring your baby to work,” the Municipal Director of Health Services, Martin Osafo Osei, stated in the letter.
“More so, you have been warned on several occasions against this conduct.
“It should come to your notice that this development may affect your monthly salary for July, 2017 during the period of your suspension and on resumption of duty to work you are expected to report to the Municipal Health Director of Health Service,”
Whilst in other parts of the world, even MP’s can show up to work with their children and breastfeed them in parliament, in Ghana, you get suspended for it.


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