Criss Waddle Is Rich But Doesn't Help Me Because He Has Responsibilities – Kwaisey Pee

Kwaisey Pee

Kwaisey Pee, a Ghanaian High Life Musician has declared he has gone bankrupt and industry players are not even helping him to make a living from music.
Kwaisey Pee recently named Bisa Kdei as a Payola King, who technically buys the airwaves leaving no free space for some of them.

Kwaisey Pee is said to be a brother to AMG Boss, Criss Waddle, and friends with some rich people like Ex Blacksatars Player – John Painstil. When asked if these people don’t support him too, he said no.

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Mentioning Chris Waddle as his brother, he said the AMG Boss doesn’t support him because he is a father of two and has responsibilities.
Speaking to Amanda Jissih on E talk, he reiterated that he is really broke and even his clothes are old clothes he bought long ago and just repeats wearing them.

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