In My Family When We Are Bored We Go To School, So I'm Studying Law Now – Yvonne Okoro

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Yvonne Okoro

Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Okoro has said her family is obsessed with education and they easily get back to school when they are bored.
The “Ghana Must Go” producer has been less active in showbiz lately though there’s nothing much for her to do in the limping Ghanaian Movie Industry. It therefore sounds smart for her to reveal she’s now in a Law School hoping to be a Lawyer soon.

Talking to Berla Mundi on Glitterati, the actress admitted that she’s been bored as a showbiz personality and decided to go to school and it’s a regular thing in her family.

I think we have a problem in my family because whenever any of us is bored, we go back to school. My sister(Roseline Okoro) went to Tech, she did biochemistry and she went to Scotland to do her Masters and then she did something in Petroleum Management in Glascow, she came back she was working and you know what? She got bored, she went back to school to do Medicine

Talking about herself, Yvonne said she argues very well and always win so that influenced her to study law among other disciplines “I’m studying law … you know what … I think I like to challenge myself … people tell me that I like to argue a lot, I think I’m so good so I get my way all the time

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It seems Yvonne does a lot when she’s bored as she also said she went into Movie Production because she was bored with just acting. Yvonne Okoro  is in a queue to be among the few showbiz Personalities who are either Lawyers or Solicitors just as her good friend Sandra Ankobiah.

Asked if she’s dating, Yvonne gave a long lecture on why she won’t disclose her relationship status. However, she debunked rumours that she ever dated Emmanuel Adebayor neither did the Football Star ever bought her a car. According to Yvonne, she’s been convinced a number of times to relocate to  Nigeria her second home country because there’s been too much “pull him down syndrome” in Ghana.

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