CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Rashida the Malafaking House Flies’ Pu$$y’s Video is the Most Repugnant Nude I’ve Ever Seen –Was She Betrayed By Someone?

Rashida the black beauty

Hail Kushman—the young man has perhaps saved himself from a lot of STIs, including a national embarrassment.
Somewhere in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo, Rashida the Malafaka has shot herself in the foot—confirming the adage that, it’s always good to give the fool a long rope and watch from afar. Eventually, she will hang himself with it.
Rashida the black beauty is that “bush girl” who shot to fame on the back of a viral video in which she was seen grossly insulting her boyfriend, Kushman and his girlfriend-Abigail.
After GhanaCelebrities.Com published the video on Facebook, it went viral and up to date, people blame the website for helping fetch Rashida an attention she did not deserve.

Of course, that initial video was pathetic, albeit hilarious. And GhanaCelebritis.Com published it simply because of the latter—to serve as some sort of comic relief.
But then, Rashida soon became one of the most talked about persons in Ghana and went on to even a parody award, Viasat1’s viral video of the year. She also released a music video and went on to release several other “diss” videos in an attempt to go viral again.
She even scored several interviews on certain prominent Ghanaian media platforms; that’s Ghanaians—stupid things tickle us more than anything important. So Rashida became some sort of a viral star.
And then disappeared—probably, she was fanning away some flies from her malafaking pu$$y.
blankRashida is once again trending and she has successfully dwarfed news of Papa Yankson’s death with her seemingly stinking coochie that attracts legions of house flies, from far and near.
A nude video of the girl who cannot even properly pronounce motherfucker has surfaced online and it’s the most repugnant I’ve ever seen. It’s extensively distasteful, so awful that you would have to spit out some saliva after watching it.
If this was sent out to a guy—I believe that guy would have deleted her number right after watching it.
In the video, Rashida struggles for secrecy in what seems like a poorly erected local bathroom while shaking her coochie and non-existing bum to a tune she had selected.

A few seconds into the video, a house fly is seen hovering around. In Ghana, house flies follow everything, from mangoes to stinking fish so that doesn’t seem like a big deal until she decides to open her legs wide right in front of the camera.
That’s when several house flies rush straight for the coochie, with some even stepping on the real deal—and another likely to have entered the bushy forest.
What’s particularly perplexing to me is this: even if her environment or coochie was so bad that it attracted stubborn house flies, why didn’t she deleted that video straight after recording and watching it?
What did she do with the video? Did she not see the house flies?
Though unconfirmed, I am though she sent it to a guy—who possibly leaked it.

Ghanaians have an obsession with leaked naked videos but Rashida’s malafaking house flies’ pu$$y’s video is not welcomed—it’s offensively distasteful and a download is definitely a waste of data.
If his is what Kushman dropped to go in for Abigail the student, then Kushman is not a loser, he ought to be hailed.
What a malafaking video! A lot of Ghanaians are not offended by the mere fact that the video shows Rashida nude, rather, the house flies that seem to live in-between her legs.


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