CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Misogynistic Ghanaian Men Turn Heroic Feminists Over Night As They Come to the Defence of Rashida the Black Beauty

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Rashida the Black Beauty

Where are the Facebook feminists?
I have been intending to write an article on the growing absurdity and confusion behind some bitter single women who have suddenly become Facebook feminists but I have been busy, perhaps, they are not even worth my time.
Today, I call on this group of Facebook feminists who are totally ignorant of the real feminists’ political, social, cultural, religious and economic struggles to elevate the status of women in societies–and not to necessarily compete or become men.
Why have such people not come out
to defend Rashida the Black Beauty? Because, irrespective of the seemingly absurdity and torture that her nude video captures and serves, her action fits into one of the waves of the feminists’ movements, sometimes called Sex Radical Feminism or Sexually Liberated Feminism.
A lot of sexually liberated feminists such as Madonna, Amy Greene, Kathy Acker, Camille Paglia, Megan Andelloux, Susie Bright and the many porn stars would probably agree with the actions of Rashida; after all, she has an autonomy over her body, including to release nude videos or whatever of house flies playing on her own coochie.
Actually, there are nudists from many parts of the world, feminists too, who wouldn’t see a thing wrong with this and will call the existing laws of Ghana prohibiting such indecency a tool of women oppression.
Of course, Andrea Dworkin, Catharine MacKinnon, Robin Morgan and others disagree with this group of feminists.

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All I am trying to say is; the narrative must be relevant to home and that feminism is not some abstract concept.
So all those always angry Facebook feminists who are totally lost and come to the defence of every nonsense with the shield of feminism should not disappoint; please find one of the waves to quickly use in mounting insane arguments in support of Rashida.
The concept of feminism is global but the struggles are different and therefore the campaign ought to mirror the struggles by being relevant.
Stop uprooting almost every thing from other regions of the world and invalidly fixing them into yours, just to make Facebook arguments. This makes most of you come up as some deranged feminists, especially the African feminists based in the West who have become the mouth piece of “struggles” they are so detached from and do not even understand.
Anyway, because you did not come to support and defend Rashida, the men, those you always throw shades at have done your job for you and they did it so brilliantly as you can see from the attached video.
If we see pure “nkwasiasem” and we cannot look in the face and say this is “nkwasiasem” then what are we?

Comfort Asante, GC Staff Writer
The writer is a senior Staff Journalist at GhanaCelebrities.Com based in New York, United States, covering a range of topics including Politricks, TV & Movies, General Entertainment, Social Media, Religion, Love and Relationship. She speaks 4 different languages and she is currently taking charge of “Mandarin”. She spends her free time, binge-watching TV Series.