AMA Officials Gives Shatta Michy One Week To Demolish 'Diamond's Pub Or They Tear It Down Themselves

Despite the insistence of Shatta Wale and his wife that all is fine and dandy with the Diamond’s Pub and Grill establishment in East Legon, the truth is far from that.
The AMA tried to demolish the pub last week, but Shatta Michy was able to temporarily talk herself out of trouble.
According to the Daily Graphic, the Assembly has given Michy a week to pull down the structure or they demolish it themselves.
Officials of the assembly tried to raze it down on Thursday, however, Michy pleaded with them, claiming she did not have her key on hand to enable her open the structure to take out her valuables.
After her insistence, the officials gave her a one week ultimatum to destroy the structure herself. In the meantime, she has been disconnected from the power grid and had her meter seized from her.
Shatta Wale built the Diamond’s Pub & Grill for his sweetheart, although they were mocked after it’s unveiling due to its small size relative to how Shatta Wale has been bragging about his wealth.
Looks like the Pub would not be standing for long.


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