Christabel Ekeh And Rashida Must Be Arrested For Exposing Their Bodies In Public

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Rashida the black beauty

Loudmouth lawyer Maurice Ampaw has called for the arrests of Christabel Ekeh and Rashida the Black Beauty for flouting the criminal codes of the country by publicly displaying n*de photos.
Maurice Ampaw said the duo have gone contrary to section 275 of the criminal code of Ghana and thus needed to be arrested.
Ampaw told the Daily Heritage newspaper they have to be prosecuted for their crimes, which he said is leading to the erosion of the moral fibre of the land.
“The Criminal Code of Ghana debars anyone from publishing or offering for sale any material that has the tendency to deprave societal morals. Any publication that is unnecessarily and improperly calculated to excite passions or corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences can be held for promoting obscenity.” he said.
Their immoral conduct is exposing pure minds to it and Ampaw maintains the two have to be made examples of to stop the trend of people exposing themselves on social media and being rewarded for it.
“To make this menace stop someone needs to be arrested to send a strong signal that the country’s laws do not condone such immoral behaviours.
“We are living in a country where young girls expose their private parts on social media and then immediately they are given award and become celebrities,” he added.
Ampaw even added that downloading indecent content from the web even makes you liable for breaking the code and flouting the law.
“Obscenity also involves having in your possession, putting into circulation or publicly exhibiting obscene drawings, prints, posters, photographs or any other related obscene objects. This means that downloading indecent materials and images from the internet as is often done, also amounts to a criminal offence, even though there are no plans to publish or circulate the obscene objects.

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