$5,000 For 'Millionaire Status?' – Ghanaians Go Gaga As Photo Circulating Online Claims To Show Insane 'Special Offerings' Being Paid At ICGC Greater Works

Commercialising the word of God is kind of a national pastime down here, where some of the richest people in the land are pastors and their followers remain some of the poorest.
A Plus has been complaining about it for days now and the Founding editor of this blog, for years now – but there’s no way it’s stopping anytime soon.
An image causing a stir on social media today purports to show a form listing the ‘special offerings’ available to attendees of the International Central Gospel Church’s ‘Greater Works’ program.
According to the yet to be verified image, putting in a certain amount earns you a certain kind of favour from the Lord.
The alleged offering starts from $5,000 for the ‘millionaire status’, $1,000 for ‘seed of a thousand times more’ – plus many others in decreasing order of what you pay.
We can’t really tell if it’s a real image but who can honestly say they would be surprised if it’s true – given what we already know about religion in Africa.
Even if not true – it simply mirrors what already happens in many churches all across the country every weekend. Maybe not in those exact outrageous sums – but in every church there’s someone who’s Ghc 5 is like $5,000 to them and they have to give it away every Sunday in exchange for some promise given to them by their pastor!


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