I'll Jail People Every Week For Littering If … – J.J Rawlings

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Ex-Ghanaian-President, Jerry John Rawlings has registered his displeasure about how people are carelessly making Ghana/Accra dirty.
According to Rawlings, the solution to Ghana’s filth caused by its own people is imprisoning people caught red-handed making the country dirty.

The former President has recently been appointed a sanitation ambassador by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and he made the statement at the 80th Ada Asafotufiami Festival.

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Graphic Online, has reported him to have said “You are lucky the position given to me is just a ceremonial one. If I was acting in the actual capacity, I would jail a minimum of three, four, five people a week till Accra becomes clean again,”
He continued that “It is disheartening and very unpleasant. Those who collect rubbish come to dump them at the roadside. Let’s be a little more patriotic by arresting these persons and teach them a lesson.
Mr Rawlings is cocksure such act will be the best deterrence to keep Ghana clean.
He then sanctioned Ghanaian citizens to be patriotic and guard the environment religiously so as to prevent the spread of diseases.

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