Edith is Getting Married in A Few Weeks to Her Ghanaian Man–And She Shares Her Tips On What Men Look For in A Woman

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In furtherance of the relationship conversation
A friend, Edith, based in Accra just told me on WhatsApp that she’s getting married in the next few weeks–and I am excited for her.
She says, she has known her soon to be husband not for long; in fact, less than a year and he has seen what he likes in her and has already proposed with wedding date set.
She shared her experience and thoughts on the conversation we’ve been having since last week.
Just read for yourself. If you are a woman and marriage is not part of your goals, don’t bother–leave those who want it to work at getting it. Don’t go confusing them with your nonsense.
And never underestimate or exclude cultural relevance; if you want to marry a Ghanaian man, you need to know what it’s that tickles them and if you want to marry a Zulu man, go and find out what they like too and if you want to marry a Nigerian, you need not to confuse the wants…

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My Gypsy friend wants to marry a woman who wouldn’t mind living in a caravan for the rest of her life–and he’s out there looking for her.
Know what works!
You have an inherent right to WANT something in life and work hard at getting it, be it a man or woman.
Congrats Edith–I wish you happiness!
And I like it when she talks about balance, homely and stuff–for instance, my wife holds a FIRST CLASS degree in Business Management and Computer Studies, which I didn’t get at undergrad but well balanced when it comes to “wife duties” and all the “intellectual shenanigans”…
Check out the screenshots below…

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