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Kwaku Sintim-Misa

Comedian/Satirist Kweku Sintim-Misa has expressed dismay over what Christianity has turned into in Ghana, where people ‘sow seeds’ in expectation of being rewarded handsomely by God.
KSM said that mindset is leading to a decline in spirituality and is making religion lose influence.
The comedian’s complaints come in the wake of the infamous ICGC Greater Works ‘Special Offering’ debacle, plus an increasingly growing culture of this ‘seed sowing’ ministries just exploding in the country.
These so-called ‘prosperity’ preachers teach that the more you give, the more blessings you receive from God – epitomised by the fact that paying $5,000 could earn you ‘millionaire status’ at ICGC’s Greater Works.
But KSM said people with that mindset are trying to ‘bribe’ God with money and are losing the entire essence of Christianity.
Read his post below…
I have never really understood this concept. I don’t get it. For those who believe in it, and there are many, I thank God for you. This article is not to JUDGE you. Who am I to Judge what you do with your money. Power to you.
I personally just cannot wrap my head around this whole concept of “influencing” God’s decisions with money. I was in church once when the Pastor called for the sowing of seed faith: He added: “If you come and you sow with GH 2 or 5, please do not expect God to give you the same blessing that he will give to those sowing with GH100 and more.” In short, God was dishing out blessings based on how much money you had.

Honestly, the day I believe that God can be influenced with money, is the day I will declare myself an atheist. I cannot serve a GOD who makes decisions based on money. That is the characteristic of a corrupt person and not that of God. THANKFULLY, that is NOT the God I serve.
The God I serve does not teach me to “give in order to get” The God I serve teaches me to GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY. I have a close relative who was so worried about the way her business was going down. She said, she does not understand why because she pays her tithes loyally. Although her assumption did not make sense to me, I could understand her frustration. She is a victim of the “Give to Get” religion. She does not understand why she pays tithes but is not receiving blessings. In her mind, she has GIVEN, that means she must GET access to the “store house of blessings”. This GIVE TO GET theory and other factors are why “religion” and for that matter christianity is loosing its influence. Yes the numbers are growing but there is a major decline in SPIRITUALITY. Don’t let the numbers MISLEAD you.
SPIRITUALITY teaches us that Its’ not about GIVING and waiting to GET the corresponding blessing. SPIRITUALITY is about knowing that THE ACT OF GIVING is in itself A BLESSING. There is nothing more fulfilling that the ABILITY TO GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY. That is what “A CHEERFUL GIVER” is all about.
So folks, I say again, to those of you who are able to INFLUENCE GOD for more blessings with money by sowing a SEED FAITH, Power to you.
Thankfully the God I serve places more value on my way of life and constantly emphasizes that my GIVING MUST BE UNCONDITIONAL.

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