Jerry Rawlings Is Not The Founder Of The NDC And I Can Prove It – Says Dr Obed Asamoah

Veteran NDC operative and the party’s former Chair, Dr Obed Asamoah, says former President Jerry John Rawlings is not the founder of the party as he’s long been held out to be.
Speaking with Joy News in an interview, Dr Asamoah said at the time the party was initially registered, Rawlings was a member of the armed forces and could not have stood in as one of its founders even if he wanted to.
Saying he had documentation to prove his point, Dr Asamoah said as per EC regulations, the party has to choose founders from each district to represent it and Rawlings name is not on that list.
“I dealt with the application of the NDC to the Electoral Commission for registration. The law at the time, and still the law is the same, is that you must have founders from the different districts… to sign the papers.” he said.
“I can show you the duplicate of the papers. They are here right now because I dealt with that whole process, and President Rawlings’ name is not on that list,”
Asamoah’s ‘reveal’ comes at a time a serious fracture is building in the party, with many party members fed up with the former President’s consistent criticisms of his own party.


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