VIDEO: Interview with Liams’ Foundation International’s CEO/Founder-Rev Queen Horlali Williams—As She Talks About the Activities of Her Impact Making NGO in Ghana

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Rev. Queen Horlali Williams

Liams Foundation International, a non-profit organization based in Ghana and with partners all over the world has since its formation in 2014 been committed to providing advocacy, development and carrying direct humanitarian services to the people of Ghana, especially in areas where governments have fallen short.
Last week, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Liams’ Foundations Founder/CEO, Rev. Queen Horlali Williams who is also a Home Health Consultant to look at past, present and future activities of her Foundation—and also to delve into the operational mechanisms of the Foundation.
The Foundation which is dedicated to working with less-privileged children, the disabled in families and communities, to improve living conditions and reduce poverty and hunger, for the wellbeing of the people of Ghana—is currently running a “Stop Teenage Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion” advocacy project.
Liams Foundation International–Stop Teenage Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion

Liams Foundation mainly operates in two regions of Ghana at the moment with plans to go nationwide. However, Liam Foundations has an in-house internet TV and Radio stations, which make up Liam Media—on the back of which the Foundation is able to reach Ghanaians who are touched to support its activities and also those the Foundation can reach out with help.
The Foundation has over the years made several donations to various hospitals and clinics in Ghana, including donations to the Asylum Down Psychiatric Hospital in Accra, Rev. Queen Horlali Williams said in an interview.
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How to Support Liam Foundation International:
Website: LiamsFoundation.Net
US Office: +1 9144100304
GHANA Office: +233 0303966790
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