Marijuana Has Numerous Uses And Can Make Our Economy Good Money If Legalized – Says Samini

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Across the globe, many countries are making a windfall from the legalization of the ‘international herb’. Aside it’s use as a cigar, for which marijuana has been banned – the plant has numerous other uses, especially in pain management.
And if you take the U.S as an example, many of the states which have legalized marijuana are raking in extra tax revenue from its regulated sale. 
Also considering that banning a substance has never worked in stopping people from getting it whenever they wanted, perhaps legalization, taxation and regulation is the way to go for drugs – as has been done with alcohol, which is also a drug like any other.
But there’s little common sense in tackling such issues in Ghana, other than the subjective ‘it’s bad’ and therefore it should be criminalized.
The call for legalization is nothing new and latest to join is dancehall act Samini.
According to the veteran star, legalizing the substance would be good for the Ghanaian economy. He said the substance has numerous uses which can be utilized as cash making venture.
“There are countries that have made fortunes from exporting marijuana and it’s not just for smoking or recreational use, I’m talking about the other 33,000 uses of the plant.” Samini said on Starr Chat Wednesday.
“We can make jeans fabric from the plant, we can make oil from the plant. If Ghana’s economy is struggling and there’s a plant not meant to be used on the streets of Ghana, let’s plant it and export it to the streets that they use it and collect money from them. Because they have legalized it there, so why not send it to them.” he wondered.
“A farmer who has a good soil who can grow acres of marijuana should be able to grow it, package it and send it to who buys it so that we make money for the economy,”
Samini, speaking to Bola Ray, added that he personally smokes the plant and that the last time he smoked was when he was in the USA a few months ago.

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